Must Have: Dry Shampoo

must have product dry shampoo hairI have a real love affair with dry shampoo. I discovered it’s power while I was at college. Dancing all day everyday meant a lot of sweating (ew, I know), which meant my hair felt grubby all the time, which meant washing it almost everyday. And that’s not good for your hair! Or at least, it’s not good for mine. I have a lot, I mean, a lot of hair.

long blonde wavy hairRight down to my hips, and its tangly and thick, and takes a million years to dry. So naturally I don’t look forward to the dreaded ‘hair washing day’. 

Anyway I’d seen some of the girls at my college using dry shampoo, and I decided to give it a go. I started off with the Batiste original one. My first couple of goes resulted in me looking like I’d aged considerably overnight, with my hair full of white powder. However, once I got the hang of actually rubbing it into my head properly, I fell in love! My hair really did look and feel so much cleaner! An instant hair wash in a can. Genius.

Start off by making sure your hair is brushed and tangle-free. Then start spraying your roots section by section. I typically only do the front of my hair, down the sides of my parting, and the crown of my head, as these tend to be the main problem area for me. However, you can do your whole head if necessary. Make sure you don’t spray too close as this can make the powder feel a bit damp which is not what you want! Once I’ve finished spraying, I usually wait for 5-10 minutes to help give the powder time to absorb the oils in my hair. This isn’t completely necessary if you’re in a hurry, but it does seem to help it work better. Then I flip my head upside down and massage the powder into my Boots original dry shampooscalp (the flipping-upside-down thing helps put a little volume into my hair). Once all the powder is gone, style your hair as normal, and done! Magically clean-feeling hair!

There’s two brands I would personally recommend. First is Batiste (you can find them here). Batiste have a huge range of dry shampoos, including different scents, finishes, and even hair colours, so there’s something for everyone. However if you’re on a budget, these tend to be a little pricier, at £3.99 per 200ml can.

So my alternate option (and the product I’m currently using) is the Boots own range of dry shampoo (you can find them here). They only come in two scent options, Original and Paradise Island, however they are cheaper than the Batiste dry shampoo at £2.29 for a 200ml can, and in my opinion work just as well!

If you try out any of these products, let me know what you think! Do you have your own must-have hair product?

Have a lovely day x


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