Diary: Starting Out

Diary Starting Out Notebook PenI’ve always wanted a diary. I adore pretty notebooks, and writing in beautiful pens, I find it soothing to write things by hand. But I’m completely useless at committing to an actual diary. I start with the best of intentions, and then inevitably after a week of half-hearted attempts, it gets left in a drawer somewhere, forgotten. It was kind of pointless anyway, because I was always worried that someone would read it (not that there was ever anything interesting in there) so I was never completely honest about what I was feeling. And then I would read it back, and cringe so much that I would usually rip the pages out. 
So perhaps a weekly diary, a summary of my life and thoughts is best for me. And probably super boring for anyone else. So, enjoy I guess?

The past couple of weeks I’ve felt the need to really do something, make changes in my life, a sudden burst of motivation (which believe me, is quite something!). I’ve wanted to start a blog for years, but I just didn’t have the motivation or knowledge. But recently that changed, and I knew what I wanted to do. So after spending a couple of weeks attempting to research and learn about the blogosphere, I gave it a go.

And my god, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing! While my research gave me some very basic knowledge, I’ve realised I am completely tech-illiterate. I have no idea how you guys who’ve been doing it for years managed it, but if you started in any position close to my own, wow, I salute you! This is hard! I’ve spent hours googling sollutions to the simplest of problems, and half the time I’m still wondering if I got it right. But I’m also loving it so far, I feel full of ideas, and I’m finding it hard to close my laptop at night to sleep. Well this is new! Actually enjoying work! 

The weather has been utterly disgusting this week, near constant rain and heavy winds. Typical british weather if we’re being honest. So naturally this meant I spent the majority of the weekend snuggled up in my onesie, eating. By the end of the week, the fridge is always tragically bare. And as the local supermarket shuts at 4pm on sundays, that means scraping together a meal from everything and anything that’s left in the fridge when you’ve got a hungry boyfriend to feed. Luckily I managed to put together a pretty decent (if I do say so myself) pasta dish with some leftover roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese. Sometimes last minute meals come together so well, don’t you think?

I hope you’ve had a great week.
Rosie x

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