Diary: Cycling, Spa & Segways

Diary: Cycling, Spa & SegwaysI cycled this week. Yes, actually cycled. Exercise DVD last week, and cycling this week?! What’s going on?! I haven’t gone cycling since I was about 13, and I forgot that I suck at it. And also, it’s kind of hard! Well for me anyway. My legs ached, I couldn’t balance well, I crashed into EVERYTHING, and just generally got in everyone’s way. But it was quite nice too, as long as the way was fairly flat. I can’t go uphill, I had to get off and push the bike up. So maybe (just maybe) I could do it again. Regularly..? I know my boyfriend would probably like that!

I also kind of want a segway now. I was absolutely terrified going on it the first time this week, but it’s fun! I was mostly scared of falling off and going too fast (I’m of a nervous disposition, had you noticed?), but you can’t go very fast, and it’s hard to fall off unless you’re a bit stupid with it. It’s a weird sensation to get used to, tipping your weight to move, and pushing your arms to either side to turn. It reminded me a little of skiing somehow, but a little less risky than plunging down a mountain! 

I went to a spa too, which for the most part consisted of me feeling like I was drowning in steam, but steam that smelt nice. You can read about my experience in full here.

I love going out to eat, but I’m usually a creature of habit, my boyfriend and I often stick to what we know with our favourite Nando’s. But we tried out Frankie & Bennie’s this week, and I loved it! The atmosphere is great with 50s and 60s music playing in the background, and an old American diner feel to it. And there’s so much food to choose from! It took me so long to decide (and we both said we need to go again just to try some more of the menu), but I ended up with a four cheese pizza with red onion, and it was delicious, proper thin crust, just the right amount of sauce, and loads of cheese. I love cheese far too much. They also have free refills on soft drinks. We didn’t get a chance to try the dessert menu, which in my opinion is fairly tragic, but there’s always next time.

And we also had a naughty McDonald’s as it was my sisters birthday, and my dad, step-mum and brother had come up for a visit. I was planning on making pasta with lots of veggies, but that will wait now. After the rather indulgent week I’ve had, I think I need to work on a healthier diet, and possibly a proper fitness regime (more cycling, dare I say it!). I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, and recently I’ve been craving a lot of vegetables. So I’ll start there, along with my green tea (trying out gingerbread flavour this week!).

I hope you’ve had a lovely week.
Rosie x

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