Clark’s Village + Mini Haul

Clark's Village + Mini Haul I don’t have much experience with outlets. Perhaps I’ve never realised their full potential, the cheap prices of perfectly good items from seasons past, but on my travels this week I discovered the wonder of Clark’s Village in Somerset. Clark’s Village is a whole shopping ‘village’ full of discounted brands. I was initially sceptical, as I had had a quick read of their store list online and wasn’t particularly impressed. However, once I got there I realised how wrong I was. There was only a few brand names that I actually recognised, and I wasn’t overly interested in those. But after wandering around a little, I found some stunning boutiques that I’d never heard of, and fell in love! 

The first I almost walked right past, but I spotted a gorgeous navy trench coat in the window, and dragged my boyfriend inside. And my goodness, was I glad I did! Sugarhill Boutique was full of dresses, jumpers and blouses that were just exactly my style. Floaty dresses, adorable blouses with peter pan collars, and cute prints everywhere. There was so much I wanted, but I’m on a fairly strict budget, so I settled for this gorgeous cardigan.

Sugarhill Boutique Burgundy Cat Cardigan - Clark's Village + Mini Haul

Sugarhill Boutique Burgundy Cat Cardigan – £15

This stunning cardi was £15 down from £54! Plus, I got it as part of a deal because my mum wanted a jumper that was also £15, which meant we got both for £25 – £12.50 each! And it’s so soft and comfy. I always see people wearing printed cardigans, and I’ve never found one I wanted! At least, not one that’s in my price range. So I was so happy to pick this one up, burgundy with cute little cream cat prints on it (I actually thought they were owls at first…) at such a bargain price! Sugarhill Boutique is definitely going to be one that I check out more from now on. I could have bought half the store! I also had my eye on a floaty short-sleeve midi dress (navy with tiny white polka-dots), an cream blouse with a pastel coloured owl print, and a pale turquoise top with a peter pan collar and a swan silhouette print. I wanted it all.

The other store I wandered into was Yumi, which had some gorgeous dresses, however what I actually picked up was an absolutely stunning dress from Mela Loves London.

Mela Loves London White/Navy Rose Skater Dress - Clark's Village + Mini Haul

Mela Loves London White/Navy Rose Print Skater Dress – £18

This is exactly the kind of dress that I dream about finding. Floaty chiffon skirt pulled in at the waist, fitted bodice with a boat neck, and that blue rose print! It’s like a dream come true! I got this for only £18, down from £27. Not such a big saving as the cardigan, but so so worth it. I love the vintage inspired style of it, the colours are beautiful, and the fit is so flattering. Again, I will be checking out both Yumi and Mela Loves London more in the future.

I almost snagged a gorgeous pair of shoes in the M&S outlet, but they didn’t have my size, and for £9 I was pretty upset! They were black suede-effect pointed court shoes, with cut outs on the side, the kind of shoes that go with anything, and exactly the kind of shoes I’ve been searching for! And of course I popped into the Lindt store (how could I resist?!) and got some Lindors, and chili chocolate. My boyfriend also picked up a pair of £40 sweatpants for £4 (seriously!) in Saltrock.

I’ll be on the look out for outlets in my area, as this one was a 2-hour drive away, but I will definitely be returning to Clark’s Village again. We were there for a few hours, and only managed to look in about half the shops! There’s so much to choose from, and some lovely restaurants too. You can find almost anything you could need, home-ware, clothing, underwear, sports gear, chocolate, kitchen-ware and more! The savings you can make are unbelievable, so I’ll keep you posted if I find any other outlets or discount stores that come close!

Have you got an outlet store in your area? Or have you been to Clark’s Village?

Have a lovely day x

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