Celebrity Deaths

Celebrity Deaths2016 seems to be the year of an unprecedented number of celebrity deaths. So many legends have been taken from us already this year, and it’s only April. Some were fortunate enough to reach old age, but most were far too young to have passed. With David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Ronnie Corbet, Victoria Wood, and Prince to name a very few, their losses have been felt everywhere.¬†However, while most people mourn these losses, I’ve noticed a very large number of people who seem to have the mindset of ‘who cares?’.

I find this extremely rude. Their excuses are ‘just because they were rich, people care’ ‘it’s only because they’re famous that you even know about it’ ‘people die everyday, get over it’ ‘they wouldn’t know or care if you died, so why do you?’.

The reason so many people care is because these celebrities touched their lives in some way. Whether it was through song, performance, or writing, they made a difference to someone, and its unacceptable to belittle that loss and emotion. If someone you know lost their mother, father, sibling, partner, child, or friend, would you really tell them just to’ get over it’ because ‘people die everyday’? I sincerely hope the answer to that is no. Imagine losing your own idol, whoever that may be. People do die everyday, and each of them is mourned by the people whose lives they touched, whether its family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, students, or colleagues. People are affected.¬†

In the case of celebrity deaths, MORE people are affected. Because more people knew of them. More people appreciated their talent. More people saw the passion in their work. More people heard their message. More people are hurt.

So next time someone in the public eye dies, even if it’s not someone you were a huge fan of, appreciate the people who are hurting because of it. Support them, even if you don’t feel the same. It’s never ok to belittle someones emotions. And it’s never ok to belittle someones death.

Be kind.