Diary: Easter, Babysitting, & Vegetarianism

Diary: Easter, Babysitting, & Vegetarianism - Red Lipstick RosieHow can Easter have come and gone already?! The year is flying by, as usual. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, regardless of whether you celebrate it, or just enjoy the long bank holiday weekend! I’ve not been one to celebrate it much; when we were kids we did Easter egg hunts with our grandparents (which of course, we loved), and while I was at a religious primary school I took it all very seriously. These days we exchange chocolate, but that’s about it. As you get older, it becomes more about the long weekend anyway! I spent mine with family.

I had to babysit my two little cousins – who are utterly adorable – which was something I was a bit nervous about. There’s something a little unnerving about being completely responsible for someone else children; despite the fact that I’m 22 years old, a fully qualified adult (ha ha) who has lived away from home, being in charge of caring for 2 small children makes me feel like a highly under-qualified child. Of course it was fine, it was only for a few hours, and they are very sweet and play nicely, but that’s just another factor to worry about! Children are so inquisitive, their minds always active and seeking stimulation. When there are two of them, you have to find a way to entertain both without one feeling bored or neglected (hats of to parents, you do this full time!). I actually really enjoyed myself, it’s so lovely when a child looks to you for comfort or reassurance, or just wants you to share in something they’re interested in. 

We went up to my grandparents to do an Easter egg hunt, as my sister and I used to when we were younger, which was lovely, helping them out with their clues. A lot of my extended family on my dad’s side were there, as an early celebration for my aunt’s birthday (as well as Easter), so it was nice to see and catch up with everyone. And the little ones got to run around with my younger brothers and baby cousin, blowing bubbles and enjoying the sunshine together. I also got to see my mums family; we all sat around having takeout, and talking. It was lovely.

My mum cooked the most amazing roast dinner the other day. I’m sure everyone thinks their mums cook the best roast, but my mum really does do the best one! We had roast lamb, which is my most favourite. However, my boyfriend has recently become a vegetarian (for over a month now), and I think I’ll be joining him. He’s wanted to do it for a couple of years, and finally thought enough is enough. And I agree with his motives, it does seem wrong that we kill animals for food, and while once upon a time that was a means of survival, the worlds a different place. So my conscience can’t take it much longer. I don’t want to be one of those people that pushes their ideals onto other people, so I will not try to persuade anyone to do the same, and won’t judge people for continuing to eat meat. It’s a big thing to give up when it’s such a staple part of everyone’s diets. Luckily, there are so many alternatives like Quorn (which thankfully I actually like!), and I love vegetables anyway. So in the next few weeks, I’m going to cut meat out from my life. I’ve already started collecting recipes for it (a weird hobby of mine), and I’m actually looking forward to it. There will be things I’ll miss (like the aforementioned lamb – sadly no meatless alternative to that one)[EDIT: I have since discovered that you can in fact get lamb replacements, along with a whole host of other meat replacements I didn’t know about, from Quorn! Thanks to Motherhood IRL for the info!], but I can still have so much, meatless sausages, chicken (which is actually really good!), and mince. And I can still have my mums best roast dinner, just without the meat, and that’s not so bad.

I hope you’ve had a lovely week,
Rosie x


Liz Earle Skincare Review

Liz Earle Skincare Review: Red Lipstick RosieI’ve never been good at routines, especially skincare ones. My mum has always said how important it is to look after your skin, and I’ve never exactly neglected mine, but I’ve never set myself in a proper routine for longer than a few days. I’ll forget one day, or feel lazy another, and somehow I just give up on it. But I’ve always wanted to have a proper skincare routine, I love the idea of using products and potions; perhaps it makes me feel grown up (which seems silly at the age of 22!). My mum bought me a Liz Earle gift set a few months ago, and I’m gradually getting into that routine I wanted.

I didn’t know much about Liz Earle before I started using it, but my mum insisted that their products were really high quality, and especially good for sensitive skin such as mine. It turns out she was right, and as an added bonus, they’re a cruelty-free brand. My boyfriend and I have been making a conscious effort to buy more cruelty-free products; we’re not perfect with it yet, but we’re trying. That side of the industry is growing, and it’s becoming easier to find such products. As it is, far too many companies do still test on animals, but people are gradually becoming more inclined to ask the questions, and push for products to be cruelty free.

The set comes with 3 full sized products, plus a bonus product, also full-sized. My one included the normal/combination skin set of Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (100ml), 2 muslin cloths, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic (200ml), and the Skin Repair Moisturiser (50ml). Mine came with the Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion (150ml) as a bonus product, but I believe this changes regularly. It costs £45 as a set, but is worth £63.50, and also has a dry/sensitive skin set. You can get it at Boots.com.

I think Hot Cloth Cleansers are a product that’s on the rise, but it’s not something I had come across before. The cleanser is applied to a dry face, and massaged in to remove makeup and impurities. Then the muslin cloth is run under hot water, wrung out, and then used to gently wipe away the cleanser, makeup and all. It works as a kind of gentle exfoliator at the same time, which I’m not sure is a good thing or not, as generally exfoliators are a once-a-week kind of product. The cloths need to be washed every few days, and you can purchase new ones separately. So far I think I like it, it works for me, although it must be said I only wear generally light makeup (most days just a little concealer, mascara, brow powder, and lipstick), so I wonder if someone who wears a normal amount of makeup would struggle to take it off. I also don’t like the smell, although I couldn’t put my finger on what it is, and it feels quite drying afterwards, before moisturising.

The tonic has an extremely pleasant smell, very sweet and fresh, and effects your skin in much the same way, smoothing and toning. I don’t feel there’s much more to say on this one, but I like it. The moisturiser is fairly light. It has a nice texture, non-greasy, but at first I felt it wasn’t moisturising enough for my skin. This may be because it’s for normal/combination skin, whereas I think my skin is more in need of the dry/sensitive, however over time I think my skin has adjusted to it. I really don’t like the smell of the moisturiser, but again I’m not sure what it is about it that I don’t like. I can’t say that I’ve found much use for the eye lotion as of yet, but yet again it has a very unpleasant smell in my opinion. However I do think that the scents may be due to the natural-ingredient nature of these products, which isn’t a bad thing, and of course it could just be my personal taste in scents; we’re all different, and anyone else might find them pleasant smelling.

I will continue to use these products as there are many good qualities to them, but I think once they are finished I will try a few others before repurchasing. The main thing is that my skin does feel better than before, and it is a nice simple routine to get into. Liz Earle have many other products which I would like to try; as a natural and cruelty-free brand, their products do seem to be high quality, and definitely one to watch.

Have you tried Liz Earle? What do you think?
Have a lovely day x

Diary: Fires, Walks, & People

Diary: Fires, Going for a Walk, & People - Red Lipstick Rosie

I haven’t been feeling well for the past couple of weeks. I’ve mostly wanted to stay in bed all day and drink tea, cosy and safe. Sadly that’s not practical, nor very productive.

Lyme Regis - Diary: Fires, Going for a Walk, & People

Lyme Regis

Last weekend I went to see my dad’s family; it was really nice, the weather was beautiful so we went to Lyme Regis for a walk along the beach and some ice cream. It was almost warm at times, with the sun shining down, however as it was the sea-front, naturally it was a bit windy. And the wind was like ice! Lyme Regis is beautiful, it’s one of my favourite beaches. If you’re ever in the area, I would recommend it. And as it was Mother’s Day last weekend too, my mum’s family all came up for a Sunday roast, which was lovely. 


I managed to set fire to my bedroom this week… Maybe that’s an exaggeration. A candle exploded on my chest-of-drawers, and set fire to it. I managed to run downstairs, grab a towel, run it under the tap and run back up and put the fire out. But my goodness did it scare me! I was shaking and crying, and nothing had really happened. It could have been so much worse though; I know you’re not supposed to leave candles unattended, and I didn’t, but if I’d left it even for a few minutes, it could have spread. It did worry me though, the candle was in a glass holder specifically for candles. I think the candle burnt too low and the glass got too hot. It’s frustrating because I adore candles, I like the scents and the light-affect, but now I’m wary of them.

The weather has been improving, spring is coming! I have very mixed feelings about the weather getting warmer, I don’t like being cold, and I don’t like the dead-looking trees. I love blue skies, and greenery, but I don’t fare well in the sun. I get too hot and dizzy very quickly, and burn so badly. As long as I’m warm enough, but not passing out, not burning, and able to see a pretty view then I’m pretty happy.

Diary: Fires, Going for a Walk, & People

A bench with a view.

Seeing the sun out now, and seeing the leaves starting to bud on the trees makes me feel better. I need to go outside more, so I’m resolving to enjoy the beginnings of spring by going for a walk everyday. Even if it’s just down to the local park, or the shops, I should do it. Ross and I went on a lovely little walk up a big hill in town that has beautiful views of the whole town. It reminded me I like to go walking, as long as it results in a sit-down with a good view.

One of my boyfriends friends recently came back from a year of travelling around America, and this weekend he set up a mini exhibition at one of the local pubs of his photography from his time there. I personally knew almost no one that was going to be there (a socially awkward persons nightmare), but I’m really glad we did go. It was a nice relaxed evening in the beer-garden, Ross got to catch up with his old friends, and I got to laugh at their shared memories. Plus, the photography was truly phenomenal, really beautiful stuff, real and full of stories. I struggle in social situations, especially those where I don’t know anyone. Actually I struggle in most situations that involve other people. Negative interactions have reinforced my fears over time, and this event was a nice reminder that not all interactions have a negative outcome.

I hope you had a lovely week,
Rosie x

Singing: Can I Really Sing?

Singing: Can I Really Sing? - Red Lipstick RosieThe doubt is always there. Can I really sing? I’ve been doing it a long time, but that doesn’t mean I’m any good. I suppose it’s a subject of opinion, and my own opinion is no. I’m not really very good.

I can sing in tune (most of the time), I know that much. But does that make me good? Not particularly. There’s so much more to it than that. I have a lot of training, and as a result I employ a lot of techniques and emotions when I sing, but that still doesn’t mean that when I hear a recording of my own voice I don’t cringe and immediately think I should never sing again. I started singing because I wanted to, I continued because I enjoyed it, I pursued further training because I needed it. I’m not sure I could ever have enough training, because the voice is something that changes and needs to be honed. 

But for my voice, there’s only so much technique can do; the rest is what I was born with. The tone of someone’s voice is the most personal and individual part, and while it can be improved, the foundation of it will always be the same. And I hate mine. Every time I hear my own voice I feel unbearably embarrassed that I ever thought it was acceptable for me to sing in public. To me, my voice sound childish and forced, and for lack of a better word, ‘yucky’. There’s so many singers I’ve come across in my life that have had little or no training, and their vocal abilities far surpass my own. It’s a source of wonder and envy for me, that these lucky people have needed nothing more than their natural talent to be wonderful. Although I must be clear, I don’t mean to say that these people haven’t worked hard. And then there are those who have had a similar level of training to me, and who are still a hundred times better. It’s frustrating.

I am a very self-critical person, especially when it comes to singing, I analyse every wobbly note, every moment of bad diction, every time I use the wrong technique, every time I use the wrong emotion. I want it to be perfect, and it never is. Unfortunately, this outlook does not help my confidence in the matter, doesn’t make it any easier to appreciate what I have. I often wonder what made me think I was ever good enough to go away to college and train,why I ever thought I was good enough for a career in singing, when I really don’t think I’m a good singer to begin with.

Perhaps I’m comparing myself to others too much. Everywhere you go, all over the world, there are wonderful singers. There were better singers at school, better singers at college, and better singers making careers. But as with most things in life, there’s usually someone doing it better than you, and it doesn’t mean you should give up. I struggle to believe anyone who’s ever complimented my voice, because I’ve heard it, and it ain’t pretty. And any time someone has said that I’m not a good singer, it has reinforced my own opinion. Who knows if I’m right or not, who knows if I really can’t sing or not. Opinions are subjective.

Self-doubt is a terrible thing, and I have plenty of it. But I think if you asked all singers ‘do you think you can sing’ and ‘do you like your voice’, a lot more than you think would say no. And not because they’re being modest, or because they’re looking for attention, but because they really believe it. There’s nothing wrong with knowing your own abilities, being confident, and saying yes, I can sing. But not all of us believe that to be true. Not all of us are confident. And that’s ok.

I’ll keep singing, because I enjoy it. I’ll still pursue it, because I enjoy it. It doesn’t matter that I don’t like my voice, because I do like to sing. And that’s all that really matters.

Review: Romantic Bear Peel Off Lip Stain

Review: Romantic Bear Peel Off Lip Stain Long Lasting Lip Color - Red Lipstick RosieI’m a huge fan of long lasting lip colour. I like to go about my business safe in the knowledge that I won’t need to reapply my lipstick all day long. So when I spotted this Romantic Bear Long Lasting Lip Color on Amazon (get it here), I had to give it a try. Little did I know that it was actually a peel off lip stain. I’d seen peel off lip stain before, but I wasn’t sure where to find them. I ended up with one kind of by accident, but I’m glad I’ve tried it out. I got it in the shade Cherry Red.

Romantic Bear Peel Off Lip Stain Long Lasting Lip Color in Cherry Red - Review on Red Lipstick Rosie

After applying the lip stain – a.k.a. A big ole mess.

I’m still not sure how I feel about them. Maybe I don’t have a steady hand or enough experience, or maybe I’m just plain not doing it right, but the application is ridiculously hard! It comes in a little tube with a flat-ended squeezy applicator (think the kind of lip-gloss tube you used when you were 14), which isn’t great for application. Try as I might, I couldn’t get it to make clean lines. The formula doesn’t help with this either, it’s a sticky gel that sticks to itself if you try to smooth it on in more than one movement. I got quite lucky with my cupids bow (by some miracle!), but my bottom lip was a disaster. I couldn’t get the product to move, the gel I squeezed out just stuck to the gel that was already in place and formed nasty clumps. It felt like I had used half the tube, but I made do.

Then I waited for about 15 minutes (in which time it felt like my mouth had welded together), and peeled it off. It feels really strange while it’s drying, like you can’t move else your lips would crack – and if you do make the mistake of smiling or something it peels it off before you’re ready. It’s hard and shiny, and actually kind of pretty if it wasn’t such a mess. Most of it came off in one go, and only the inside of my mouth remained a bit sticky, but I wiped that part off with some tissue. And actually it didn’t look too bad! If you look closely you can see the line of my bottom lip is uneven but it’s not too noticeable. It comes out a nice pink colour, which is a little patchy, but that could just be my severely uneven application. And it does seem to be fairly long lasting. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the colour pay off I was hoping for, but for days where I want a toned down look for my lips, this isn’t a bad product.

Red Lipstick Rosie - before swatch


Romantic Bear Peel Off Lip Stain Long Lasting Lip Color in Cherry Red - Review on Red Lipstick Rosie


Just some tips for better application:

  • Exfoliate and moisturise first.
  • The less swipes you can do it in, the neater it’s likely to be.
  • Don’t go over where you’ve already applied it, it’ll just pick up the product and leave patches.
  • Don’t go too far on the inside of your mouth, else you could end up with pink teeth (also it tastes gross).
  • Try and keep your lips apart while it’s drying, else it’ll stick together and not dry in the corners.
  • Make sure it’s completely dry before you peel it off – this stuff is messy and will stain your fingers if it’s not dry.
  • Wipe off the flat applicator when you’re finished with it – you’ll end up with dry clumpy bits stuck to it next time you use it.

I think this product is especially great if you like a less bold lip (I’m bright red all the way), and have a fairly steady hand (I think we’ve already established I have zero skill when it comes to make-up). This product comes in several colours, and I think I’ll try out a few different brands of peel off lip stain, and see if they’re any easier/brighter than this one.

Have you tried a peel off lip stain? What did you think?
Have a lovely day x

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day - Red Lipstick RosieHappy International Women’s Day to all you lovely ladies out there. Today is about celebrating the women in your life and all over the world, be it your mum, sister, girlfriend, wife, grandma, aunty, friend, and of course yourself! 

Today’s society often teaches women and girls to belittle each other, to compete for attention, to have the most likes and followers or the prettiest face. While there’s nothing wrong with having those things, the world would be a much nicer place if we all empowered and supported each other in all our endeavours. 

Woman can – and do – achieve great things. We decide our own lives and fate. It is important we all choose our own paths in life, and help others around us on their own journey. You can be whatever you want to be, be it a scientist, hairdresser, doctor, chef, mother, customer assistant, teacher, traveler or entrepreneur, or every single one of those things, and more!  We women are amazing, and sometimes it’s difficult to remember just how amazing we are. Our bodies are capable of so much, and yet we are in control of what we do with it. We can be strong, we can be soft, we can be passionate, we can be protectors, we can laugh, we can cry, we can fight, we can forgive, we can grow an entire human inside us, we can follow our dreams, we can love, we can climb to the top, we can do anything. You are incredible. Don’t forget it.

Happy International Women’s Day x

Favourite Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Daisy

Favourite Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh - Red Lipstick RosieIsn’t it funny how little things can bring back moments and memories? One of the biggest triggers for me are smells. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, I had recently got a new perfume – Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. That was four years ago, and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

I always loved the packaging for Marc Jacobs perfumes, each one pertaining to the name of the fragrance. Whenever I was in Boots I would always try out the different Daisy perfumes, the violet undertones reminded me of when I was little and my favourite sweets were Parma Violets. While I mostly can smell the violets, there’s also roses (my favourite flower), and raspberry (my favourite fruit), among others. Also, it’s the pink version of the Marc Jacobs Daisy range, and anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for anything pink! With it’s pretty flowery packaging, there really wasn’t any other choice for my favourite perfume.

Some perfumes are quite expensive, as with this one, so I couldn’t really afford it for a long time. But then my mum got me Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh for Christmas 2011. I was so pleased with it I didn’t open it for a couple months until February, when my boyfriend and I had our first date.


Which brings me back to memories. While I loved the perfume anyway, it’s taken on a whole new sentimental meaning for me. Every time I wear it it reminds me of our first few dates, the new and exciting, getting to know a person and falling in love with them. It reminds me of my wonderful boyfriend and the time that we share together. That’s what this fragrance means to me.

You can get it at Boots.com .
What’s your favourite fragrance?
Have a lovely day x

Clothing Haul: H&M, Miss Selfridge & More

Clothing Haul: H&M, Miss Selfridge & More - Red Lipstick RosieThis weekend my boyfriend and I took a little shopping trip to Exeter. It’s not a big city, but it’s quite beautiful, and has pretty much everything you need in one place. There’s a good range of high street stores, from high end to lower prices, including Zara, H&M, Superdry, Oasis, Topshop, Hollister, and Miss Selfridge. There’s also so many restaurants, including our favourite Nandos (one of only two in the whole of Devon), so we made a nice day of it. Here’s a little haul of what I got!


I usually get my basic’s in Primark because it’s cheap, and they have pretty much every basic top or t-shirt you could wish for. I ended up picking up a couple of extras. I got the shoes and top I wanted, but I also found a burgundy pleated midi skirt (how could I say no?!), and they had so many pretty fairy lights, I had a hard time restraining myself. I ended up getting a basic set of fairy lights, and then a pretty set of rose-gold ball lights. I have a mild obsession with fairy lights and various other pretty home stuff.Primark Burgundy Pleated Midi Skirt - Clothing Haul: Red Lipstick Rosie


I had some vouchers to spend, so next stop was H&M. Sometimes I really love H&M, and other times I go in there and can’t find a single thing that I like. Luckily this time, I found quite a few things! Our local H&M is sort of divided, with the downstairs being the more sophisticated ‘grown-up’ stuff, and upstairs being a more teen/young adult section (one that I always immediately headed to when I was a teenager). These days I go for both sections, but downstairs there was really nothing for me. My only other problem with H&M is that their sizing is a bit ridiculous, I seem to be one to two sizes bigger there than in any other store.H&M Tartan Pleated Skater Skirt - Clothing Haul: Red Lipstick RosieH&M Black High Waisted Trousers - Clothing Haul: Red Lipstick Rosie

H&M Bow Print Shirt - Clothing Haul: Red Lipstick RosieNew Look:

New Look is probably one of my favourite stores, it’s rare I go in there without finding something I want. On this occasion I was hunting for the midi skirt I spoke about it a previous post (read it here), which I couldn’t find in my local store (pretty devastating stuff!). However, I did pick up a pair of black court shoes that I’ve also been searching for. I had a fairly frustrating experience on this shopping trip, as I seemed unable to find a size 4 pair in any shop that had court shoes. So in New Look I tried on a pair of size 3’s, and much to my surprise, they pretty much fitted me! I also tried a different pair of shoes in size 4, and they kept slipping off at the heels, so while the size 3’s are a tiny bit tight, they won’t fall off causing me to break my ankle. Here’s to my ever-shrinking feet!New Look Black Court Shoes - Clothing Haul: Red Lipstick Rosie

Miss Selfridge:

I’m a fairly new convert to Miss Selfridge. I don’t know why I didn’t used to shop in there, because now I want everything they have! It’s so pretty! There was a stunning dress that I wanted, and a crop top and skirt co-ord, which were both sadly out of my price range. I’ll wait for a sale. Talking of which, I found a stunning midi skirt in their current sale, black with a pink and gold floral pattern, it was £22 down from £49, but they had an extra 20% off so it was even less. My kind of deal! Miss Selfridge Floral Pleated Midi Skirt - Clothing Haul: Red Lipstick Rosie

So there is my little haul. I wish shopping trips could occur more often, sadly money is always an object!

Have a lovely day x



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February Favourites 2016

February Favourites 2016 - Red Lipstick RosieSo I’m a little late on my February favourites, but I’m silly and forgetful, and it’s only two days late, right?! February was a busy month for me, with a few trips, Valentines Day, my sisters birthday, and my boyfriend and I’s anniversary, there was a lot going on. This year is flying by, how is it March already? It really is true, time only seems to speed up as you get older. 

February Favourites 2016 - Red Lipstick Rosie: New Look Tan Boxy JumperThis month I’ve been loving a jumper I got from New Look at the end of last month. It’s described as tan, but to me it’s a dark mustard colour, and I love it. It’s such a great colour for the wintery weather we’ve been having, and goes with my plethora of burgundy and denim clothing. Also it’s oversized and comfy. I do recommend for only £7.99.

February Favourites 2016 - Red Lipstick Rosie: Eyeko London Fat Liquid EyelinerI also started using a new liquid eyeliner. I do not get on with liquid eyeliner, I just can’t get the hang of making smooth clean lines, not wiggly uneven marks that look like a 5-year-old did it. However, I’ve been using the Eyeko London Fat Liquid Eyeliner, and it’s making things a whole lot easier! It’s essentially like a marker pen, and I love it! Granted I’m still not great at getting the flick right, but a Q-tip works wonders for fixing that.

February Favourites 2016 - Red Lipstick Rosie: New Look Daisy BootsI’ve been wearing a pair of boots I bought a couple years ago a lot. They’re black with a cute daisy print on them, and look so good with tights and floaty dresses. I’m pretty sure they came from the teen section at New Look, but my feet are quite small (and actually getting smaller – I’ve gone from a 5 to a 4, and am now verging on 3.5?!), which is actually something of a bonus, because kids shoes are a lot cheaper!

February Favourites 2016 - Red Lipstick Rosie: Aussie Luscious Long Leave In ConditionerI’ve also discovered the magic of leave-in conditioner this month! I wish I’d picked some up years ago, I always thought it would make my hair appear greasy (probably due to a bad experience in my teens), but it’s like magic! I’ve been using Aussie’s Luscious Long Miracle Recharge Lightweight Conditioning Spray, and I’m in love. It makes my hair feel amazing, it smooths down the crazy frizz that is my ends, and it actually helps keep the curl in my hair. And it’s definitely not greasy!

February Favourites 2016 - Red Lipstick Rosie: Mac Ruby WooMy boyfriend got me my first ever Mac lipstick for Christmas. Yep, first ever! Obviously the only choice for colour was Ruby Woo! And it is beautiful. Also the smell reminds me of Cadburys mini eggs, which I love, and it’s super matte. My only complaint is if you try to reapply during the day, it get’s all chalky and clumpy and I hate that! I end up taking it off and reapplying which isn’t ideal. Still pretty though.

Also my boyfriend and I have a new-found obsession with cinnamon buns. I don’t know what made us start eating them, but now we can’t stop. Ross usually just eats them on the way home from the supermarket, but I wait till we get home and put them in the microwave for a few seconds. The icing melts and goes all gooey, which obviously improves the whole thing. 

So there concludes my February favourites. Here’s to March!

I hope you had a lovely month,
Rosie x